Live on KGNU

Posted On February 15, 2016 by otem rellik

Hey dudes, we played a couple songs on the radio on Saturday. Take a listen!

New iOS Loop Video

Posted On March 25, 2013 by otem rellik

Hey dudes, here is my latest live loop using Beatmaker 2, Animoog, and Loopy. The mpk’s sustain button is controlling when loopy starts/stops recording and I have various other knobs controlling effects in Beatmaker. Beatmaker is also sending midi data to Animoog for the lead. Extra fun noise from the homemade sequencer triggering the Monotron.


Live on Radio 1190

Posted On March 16, 2013 by otem rellik

Hey guys. On Friday I played a live set and interviewed on Radio 1190. Here is the full (partially edited) spot.


New Live Loop

Posted On January 7, 2013 by otem rellik

I have once again changed up my live set up a bit. Here is my first loop I came up with. Hope you enjoy it!