New controller coming along! Sequencer up and running! #arduino #teensy #midi #diy #iosmusic #drcsynth

Posted On December 31, 2017 by otem rellik

New controller coming along! Sequencer up and running! #arduino #teensy #midi #diy #iosmusic #drcsynth

New DIY Synth!

Posted On January 15, 2017 by otem rellik

Here is my latest diy teensy synth. It uses two Nintendo DS touch screens for note inputs and has a built in drum machine!

unbroken&unheard out now!!!

Posted On December 9, 2016 by otem rellik

It’s here! My latest album is out now. You can grab it from bandcamp and it will be available soon on all the streaming places. You can also grab a new otem rellik synth that I designed and printed! Also check the new video for Negative Space!



Negative Space Video

Synth Toys!


I built a synthesizer!

Posted On October 1, 2016 by otem rellik

The last couple weeks I have been getting into the Tennsy audio design library and really having a lot of fun. Here is my first finished project, a polysynth!

The code can be found here.