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I built a synthesizer!

Posted On October 1, 2016 by otem rellik

The last couple weeks I have been getting into the Tennsy audio design library and really having a lot of fun. Here is my first finished project, a polysynth!

The code can be found here.

Mr. Pink Sequencing MIDI Controller!

Posted On September 10, 2016 by otem rellik

Hey dudes! Thought I’d post up what I have been working on for a while. This guy! Also, new album coming soonish….

Listening to the masters of something new….

Posted On July 23, 2016 by otem rellik

Listening to masters of something…

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New MMP Patch FM-2!

Posted On March 23, 2016 by otem rellik

Yo dudes, thought I’d post up my latest mobmuplat patch. It’s an FM synth and probably one of the cooler sounding things I’ve ever created. Check it out and download it for free here!