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Posted On September 17, 2013 by otem rellik

Hey everyone. I just realized the other day that I hand’t made a blog entry for many months that wasn’t just a quick instagram photo or a video of something weird. So, what the fuck have I been up too? After moving recently to a new spot with my girlfriend I feel like I’ve been a bit stagnant on the creative front. It’s easy to fall into a cycle of horror movies and general relaxation after returning from a full day of coding. I’ve definitely been feeling the itch lately though (which always seems to happen this time of year) to make something new. Seems that those new things all involved my new(ish) band with my girlfriend Robin called “Nighttimeschoolbus“.  I’m really excited about all of the new stuff we have been recording and as I type this am rendering out a sequence to a fully animated Nighttimeschoolbus music video. We also have a show, two shows actually! We have never played together and it’s been a bit of a challenge as we both have very different styles of playing live, but I think we are on to some really cool stuff and I only expect it to get weirder/better. Anywho, just a quick update on things involving myself and creative endeavors.  I leave you with a still from this new music video I’m working on.



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