Bottleneck of Broken Dreams

Posted On October 19, 2012 by otem rellik

Hey guys, I have a brand new music video to premiere. This one took about 1,332 photographs and many hours editing. I also tried my hand at with a technique called 3D camera shift on some shots. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.
The Bottleneck of Broken Dreams

Insects in the Living Room

Posted On September 21, 2012 by otem rellik

Hey folks, here is my new stop motion video for the song, Insects in the Living Room. This one was shot over a couple weeks in my apartment and in my brothers¬†field. I’m really proud of how it turned out. Blood Bone Piano drops on Oct. 4th! Also, I just watched Monster Squad yesterday, getting stoked for October!

Insects in the Living Room from otem rellik on Vimeo.

Elephant Graveyard Out Now + Walking On Stilts Music Video!!!

Posted On August 31, 2010 by otem rellik

The wait is finally over! Pick up Elephant Graveyard today at Circle Into Square! Also grab the Skelephant ReMixTape on cassette for free while supplies last (they have 25 copies).

Also, Here is another stop motion music video I created last year for the song Walking On Stilts.

Lastly, I’ll be playing an open mic tonight at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins to celebrate the release. I’m not sure what slot I’ll get to play, but I’ll be posting it up on my facebook page as soon as I know.

Spread the word~tell a friend about my music, post it on the nets, request me from your local college station! Everything helps! Thank you to all the people who have supported my music, you folks are fantastic.

New Music Video: Empty Coffins

Posted On August 12, 2010 by otem rellik

Today my Empty Coffins video gets its internet premiere! I’m really excited as I am extremely happy with the way this one turned out. I shot and edited this video in January with lots of construction paper, a blue trash bag, cotton balls, baby doll parts, styrofoam peanuts, dead grass from my yard, and a bunch of other random stuff. It took over 1,400 photographs and countless hours to complete. I also built a custom remote (pictured below) for the shutter to make things a little easier. Anywho, enjoy, and as always, I encourage you to share this video wherever you see fit.