Elephant Graveyard Instrumental Album Out Now!

Posted On March 2, 2011 by otem rellik

On March 1st Circle into Square released the instrumental version of Elephant Graveyard in the format of digital download. Grab it now for only $3!

New suitcase live setup

Posted On February 25, 2011 by otem rellik

I decided to go back to the good ol’ suitcases setup. I changed it up a bit and am now just using half the case for my gear. Check out the video!

New live video from Radio 1190

Posted On February 20, 2011 by otem rellik

I was just sent this video today from the good folks over at Radio 1190. It’s a performance I did on air of “better times” back in September. The video is really well done and Im happy to share this. Check it out!

Otem Rellik “Better Times” (live) from Corey H. Jones on Vimeo.

Act So Big Forest A Ft. Collins Residency Show on Thursday!

Posted On February 16, 2011 by otem rellik

Hey dudes, I have a show on Thursday in Denver at the Meadowlark. Doors are at 9pm and it’s $7. Thrifty Astronaut, otem rellik, All Liver No Onions, Galaxies. Shit is going to be dope, I’ve been practicing in the car on my morning commute to work.