New MMP Patch FM-2!

Posted On March 23, 2016 by otem rellik

Yo dudes, thought I’d post up my latest mobmuplat patch. It’s an FM synth and probably one of the cooler sounding things I’ve ever created. Check it out and download it for free here!

Super Looper 2.0!

Posted On April 26, 2015 by otem rellik

Yo dudes, just wanted to share my new re-factored looping patch for MobMuPlat.  New stuff includes: MIDI clock slave, 8 additional pads and saving/loading sessions.

Download Here

New MobMuPlat Patch ‘SEQ’, MIDI sequencer with effects!

Posted On December 13, 2014 by otem rellik

Hey everyone, I want to share my new MobMuPlat patch which is an MIDI sequencer with some time based effects.

Download here

Free MobMuPlat Patches

Posted On July 13, 2014 by otem rellik

Hey dudes. Thought I’d start posting up some MobMuPlat patch videos and download links here. I have about 4 patches I’m going to share and here is the first. It’s a noisy little thing with some neat effects and whatnot. I call it OSC (which probably isn’t the best name in hindsight). Download link below the video. Also, check out the videos page for a new MobMuPlat Patches section.

Download Here