I made an app!…sort of!

Posted On June 13, 2014 by otem rellik

Hello everyone. I recently got into this app called MobMuPlat, which uses Pure Data and a GUI editor to create custom apps for ios. I had never worked in Pure data before this and it was pretty rough trying to figure out how to do anything. But, I was able to find some info online as usual, and after three days of intense learning I created my first app! This isn’t an app you will find on the app store, MobMuPlat allows you to create a pd patch and edit the GUI then upload these to it’s own directory and it’s on your device! It was really fun learning about all this foreign stuff.


The patch I created is a super basic sample player which I loaded up with drums for my live set. The pads are mapped to midi note numbers 48-79 on channel 1 and are velocity sensitive. There is also a volume slider mapped to midi cc#7 on channel 1. Feel free to download this guy and play around with it. You can replace the samples with your own if you keep the file names the same. You can also get into the code and mess around. This being my first project, there is probably things that could have been done better.

Download Zip Here

(you should be able to use “open in” if you have the app and are on an iPad)