Blood Bone Piano Out Now!

Posted On October 3, 2012 by otem rellik

Alright folks, here it is, my new album Blood Bone Piano. This one took me quite a while to write and record and was a very emotional journey. I mostly created these songs purely out of necessity while I was going through some rough stuff. I really hope some folks get something out of this, as it was very cathartic for myself.

I am releasing it completely digital as cd’s seem almost obsolete to me at this point and I didn’t have the means to press it up on vinyl. You can buy it though bandcamp and I’m also offering a sticker package in which you get two of my new piano stickers. The download also contains a full pdf booklet with lyrics. As I am doing all this 100% solo, by all means, share this as much as possible. Post on blog/message boards/the social network world/etc. I’m also completely available to talk about it. Hit me up at, fans and press folk alike.

New Blood Bone Piano Poster by Hello.L.A.

Posted On September 24, 2012 by otem rellik

Check out this rad new poster from Hello.L.A. They make amazing stuff.

Insects in the Living Room

Posted On September 21, 2012 by otem rellik

Hey folks, here is my new stop motion video for the song, Insects in the Living Room. This one was shot over a couple weeks in my apartment and in my brothers field. I’m really proud of how it turned out. Blood Bone Piano drops on Oct. 4th! Also, I just watched Monster Squad yesterday, getting stoked for October!

Insects in the Living Room from otem rellik on Vimeo.

Free greencarpetedstairs Remix!

Posted On September 12, 2012 by otem rellik

Hey dudes, check out this rad remix by my homie greencarpetedstairs. It’s a track from my forthcoming album Blood Bone Piano, out Oct. 4th.