Live on KGNU

Posted On February 15, 2016 by otem rellik

Hey dudes, we played a couple songs on the radio on Saturday. Take a listen!

I’ll be on 90.5 KCSU on Monday.

Posted On October 6, 2011 by otem rellik

Hey dudes. I’m going to be on the radio again on Monday. Tune into 90.5 KCSU at 7pm for the local loco show. Hells bells!

New live video from Radio 1190

Posted On February 20, 2011 by otem rellik

I was just sent this video today from the good folks over at Radio 1190. It’s a performance I did on air of “better times” back in September. The video is really well done and Im happy to share this. Check it out!

Otem Rellik “Better Times” (live) from Corey H. Jones on Vimeo.

Live on KCSU Sept. 23rd @ 7pm!

Posted On September 21, 2010 by otem rellik

I’ll be doing another live performance and interview on Thursday. This time it will be on 90.5 KCSU FM. The program starts at 7pm. You can listen online as well.