Live on Radio 1190

Posted On March 16, 2013 by otem rellik

Hey guys. On Friday I played a live set and interviewed on Radio 1190. Here is the full (partially edited) spot.


I’ll be on 90.5 KCSU on Monday.

Posted On October 6, 2011 by otem rellik

Hey dudes. I’m going to be on the radio again on Monday. Tune into 90.5 KCSU at 7pm for the local loco show. Hells bells!

90.5 KCSU Live interview and Performance

Posted On May 2, 2011 by otem rellik

In case you missed it, I recorded the interview and performance I did on Friday the 29th on KCSU. The dude Justin who was interviewing me had some mic issues at the beginning of the interview so its a bit hard to hear some of the questions. If I sound nervous as balls in the interview it’s because I was.

[mp3j track=”″ title=”90.5 KCSU Interview and Performance”]

New Video from Colorado Music Lounge

Posted On October 22, 2010 by otem rellik

Hello folks. This morning I’m posting up this wonderful video from the fine folks at Colorado Music Lounge. Many thanks to them for putting this together.