Bent Speak & Spell

Posted On June 10, 2009 by otem rellik

Just put the finishing touches on a new bent speak and spell. Check it out on the store page, only one available.

speak and spell

Free Ol’ Dirty Bastard Remix

Posted On June 7, 2009 by otem rellik

So I put this together in the last couple days just for fun, it’s Shimmy Shimmy Ya with a little Biz Markie thrown in for good measure. I’m thinking of putting together a free download remix tape with bits of my new forthcoming record peppered throughout. Anywho, hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out for the remix album hopefully coming soon.

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Shimmy Shimmy Ya – otem rellik remix”]

New Styles for Ultimate Bleep and Bloop Boxes!

Posted On June 2, 2009 by otem rellik

It was a long weekend of work for my brother and I but we got our first run of three Ultimate Bleep and Bloop Boxes complete! The styles we went with were leopard wood + birds eye maple, yellow heart + bloodwood and padauk + zebrawood (same as the prototype). I’m really happy with how they came out and two are already sold! Here are some photos:

padauk + zebrawood

yellow heart + bloodwood

leopard wood + birds eye maple

Ultimate Bleep and Bloop Box

Posted On May 26, 2009 by otem rellik

I’m very proud to introduce the ultimate bleep and bloop box, a collaborative project between my brother and me. We are planning on making these one at a time as they are ordered due to the time and craftsmanship that goes into creating one. Check the store page for details-here are some photos and the demo video: