Christmas Album

Posted On December 8, 2009 by otem rellik

Act So Big Forest is a record label and group of friends of mine that do a Christmas compilation album every year amongst lots of other awesome releases. Ive been on the last two and you can download the latest: Sun Child, Stay Forever in its entirety right here!

Denver Show

Posted On December 6, 2009 by otem rellik

Quick update. As I rarely play Denver I thought I’d mention here that I will be playing Denver at Kazmos on the 11th.

New Studio Video

Posted On November 5, 2009 by otem rellik

This is a short video of stills taken over the two week process of building my studio. Big thanks to my brother Derek who did 90% of the work…I mostly just handed him tools. It looks great though and I’m damn happy! The song is empty coffins from my forthcoming album elephant graveyard.

Live on KCSU

Posted On October 6, 2009 by otem rellik

I performed some songs from my forthcoming album “Elephant Graveyard” last week on 90.5 KCSU. In case you missed it I went ahead and recorded the whole thing which you can listen to here: otem rellik – live on 90.5 KCSU (10-01-09).