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Posted On March 27, 2010 by otem rellik

Got some live stuff coming up in Fort Collins.

First up, I’ll be playing some live songs from my forthcoming album and doing an interview about FOCOMX on 90.5 KCSU FM on March 31st at 2pm. If you aren’t in the area, you can always listen online.

Second, FOCOMX is happening again! I’m really excited as last year it was crazy fun. I’ll be playing at Luscious Nectar @ 9:15pm on Saturday April 10th.

Lastly, I am playing a super rad all day music festival on April 17th @ 5:30pm in Denver called Who’s Having Fun? Festival. This is a community building event with no drugs or alcohol meant to bring people together to have a lot of fun! Should be a really great time!

Specific details on all this stuff can be found on the upcoming shows page.

CIS Compilation Vol. 1

Posted On March 21, 2010 by otem rellik

If you want to hear the new song splinters from my forthcoming album along with some other great tunes download this monster from the great folks at Circle Into Square! My next album Elephant Graveyard will be coming out on Circle Into Square in August!

CIS Compilation Vol. 1

Mark Linkous

Posted On March 8, 2010 by otem rellik

In 2007 I got to see Sparklehorse live in Denver. It was the only show I’ve ever been to alone and was one of the greatest show experiences I have ever had. I still have never seen a more diverse audience at a show.  Sparklehorse has been at the top of my play list for many many years. The sad and beautiful lyrics of Mark Linkous have been with me through a lot of sad times in my own life and I have always felt a strong connection with his music. Yesterday I heard the news that Mark Linkous committed suicide. Besides talking to him briefly and getting an autograph at the show, I only knew him from his music. I strangely feel like I have lost an old friend. Here are some clips of the Denver show and a song that is now always going to make me incredibly sad.


Posted On March 3, 2010 by otem rellik

Hello everyone. I have some upcoming shows happening in the Fort that you should definitely come on out to. I will be playing 3 or 4 new songs from my next album!

Speaking of the new album, things are still in the works but it looks like it will be coming out in August. I also have two new stop motion music videos finished that will also be online around that time. I know its a bit down the line, but I’m incredibly excited about everything happening surrounding it! Anywho, come on out to these shows and say hello!

Sunday, March 7th – 6pm $5
Avogadro’s Number
Lots of bands playing, not sure when my time is

Friday, March 12th – 7pm
Ciao Vino Bar (inside Pulcinella Pizzeria)
Come on time because I’m the only dude playing