Live KCSU Performance and Interview

Posted On October 19, 2010 by otem rellik

photo by Scott Ogle

Just about a month ago I was in the 90.5 KCSU station once again doing an in studio performance and interview. If you missed it, you can now listen to them right here!

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Interview”]

[mp3j track=”″ title=”Performance”]

Show this week in Fort Collins!

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Act So Big Forest Compilation // Free New Song!

Posted On October 13, 2010 by otem rellik

Good morning. My friends over at Act So Big Forest just released a digital compilation which you can download absolutely free! I have a song on there that is brand new and unreleased. Please check it out, I am listening to it this morning and it’s sounding great. Download it Here!

Elephant Graveyard Reviews!

Posted On October 6, 2010 by otem rellik

Elephant Graveyard is getting some great reviews! Here are some of the nice things people are saying.

You can just taste the blood, sweat and tears when listening to Otem Rellik’s new album, Elephant Graveyard. Finely tuned and long awaited, this indie Hip-Hop album by Toby Hendricks drips with emotion. The album’s mood reminds one a bit of Radiohead – emotional and depressing, but very beautiful.
– The Scene Magazine

In the day of complete saturation of musical styles, it is extremely refreshing to listen to and review artists such as Otem Rellik, who banishes all the rules and does what comes naturally – makes incredibly original music.
– Colorado Music Buzz

These Otem Rellik songs aren’t hip-hop so much as they are experiments in what pop songs of the future might sound like now, as distinct genres of music cross-pollinate and influence one another to produce fascinating hybrids.
– Denver Westword

Honestly, Toby Hendricks, the singular man behind Otem Rellik, may be brilliant. In addition to engineering instruments, he paints, writes poetry, and brings an artistry to his music that cannot be contained. Sure, he rhymes like an MC, over strong beats, but it would be shortsighted and limiting to call this hip-hop. His songs move both body and soul, and the music he produces is mournful and often beautiful, like the best indie rock.
– 5280