Finished My Homemade Sequencer!

Posted On December 27, 2012 by otem rellik


I’m super stoked to be finished with my sequencer! This thing is barrel of fun. It’s based on the Velleman MK107 Led kit. It took me way longer to build it then it should have as I blew up the first kit I bought and had to order different parts a couple times. I’m really stoked on the results though. Mounted on top is my old Atari Punk Console crammed into a baby head. It also features a cv output which I can use to control other synths (a Monotron in this case). The 8 potentiometers will vary the controlled voltage output to create different tones, there is a speed dial on the top, and off/reset button as well as a button to start/change patterns. This is actually not very difficult to build and if you have already built an apc, I highly suggest trying one of these out.
Here are some links that helped me out a great deal along the way:

Music Videos