I live in Denver now.

Posted On May 13, 2012 by otem rellik

And yes, it’s quite rad. I’m living with Bud whom you may know as Skyrider which means I get to listen to rad things he is working on in the basement and share some of the rad things he makes in the kitchen. I’ve mostly been nerding out lately on lomo cameras ever since I got this LomoKino. I’ll be shooting a music video with it sometime soon for a new project I’m working on with my girlfriend called Nighttimeschoolbus.  You should like us. We will make more music soon. I also have a new album just about completed which will come out this year (I hope) and most likely be digital only. It’s called blood bone piano and is mostly sad bastard stuff. Below is a video of some test footage I shot with my lomokino along with a sample of some of the new album. Enjoy.

Music Videos